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Sukanta Pure Veg Thalim

Sukanta Pure Veg Thalim

Sukanta Pure Veg Thali is an indian cuisine restaurant. Here they serve thali which is a combination of Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Punjabi food. Thalis that they serve include paneer butter masala or matar paneer, tacos, pulao, bhakri, farsan, dal, kadhi, dhokla along with sweet. On your way out, do pick up your paan at the exit.

Food here is good. Service is efficient. Meal for two costs around Rs.200. This is an air conditioned restaurant with bright ambiance. They accept credit cards and provide home delivery services.

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Timings: 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM & 06:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Sukanta Pure Veg Thali
636, Deccan Gymkhana,
Near J.M. Road, Pulachi Wadi,
Pune, 411004

Phone: 020-25530077, 66013222, 66013223

Sukanta Menu

Sukanta, Deccan Gymkhana Menu

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Sukanta, Deccan Gymkhana Menu

What is a Thali

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The thali is typically served on a round plate (or more traditionally, a banana leaf), with small bowls (including vegetables, curries and curd) lining the periphery; in the center of the plate is places a heap of plain rice, which is replenished as you move through the meal.

Although thalis can now be found in the north and south of India, the thali (Hindi for “the plate”) has its origins in South India, given its orientation around rice (as compared to the north’s orientation around wheat).

Fingers, pleaseA thali is traditionally eaten with your fingers, and only with the finger of the right hand, specifically. Use your left hand only for pouring the curries onto your rice and to grasp your drinking glass.

Rice is central to the dish. The rice sits in the center of the plate; you divide off a portion of the rice and place the different curries or vegetables on top of that portion (rather than pouring the sauce over the top of the whole pile of rice on your plate). Mix the sauces in with the rice with your fingers to get a good spread throughout the rice.

How to Eat Thali

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There is an order to the progression of thali eating:

  • Begin by eating any of the vegetables (in both curries and dry form) on the plate. You can also eat the vegetables throughout as an accompaniment to the rice and sauce courses to follow.
  • The fiery lentil-based vegetable sauce called “sambhar” is next to be eaten (it is added to a portion of rice as you desire).
  • The chili- and tamarind-based “vathal kozhambu”, the spiciest of the three sauces, is eaten next with rice. Note that this sauce is not always given.
  • The “rasam”, mixed with rice, is always eaten last of the sauces. It imparts a tomatoey and peppery palate.
  • Curd (yoghurt) mixed with rice is always eaten last, to cool your palate and aid with digestion. The roasted dry chili can be added for balance.
  • There is sometimes a sweet for dessert added as well.

Then again, you could just wing it! Just pretend like you know what you are doing and all will be well….Enjoy!

People Reviews

1.Mayur Desai :
Quite a famous place for gujarati thalis so decided to go here. Went here on a Friday afternoon and it was crowded. Had to wait for sometime and then we got our place. They serve you unlimited servings so better go over here with an empty stomach. Ambience is nice and they serve you very fast.

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Menu on Friday started with the welcome drink the orange sharbat which was nice and refreshing, aloo papdi chaat was good, there were three sabzis: aloo mutter sabzi, dry moong and paneer tikka masala among which I liked the paneer tikka masala the most at the gravy was great and the panner cubes were nice and soft, aloo mutter was on the oily side while the dry moong was ok. They served dry bhindi masala at the side which was nice.

There were two types of kadhi: Gujarati kadhi which was sweet and tasted great while the dal tadka was ok. Aamras was great even though the mango season had not started. They served all this with puris, bajra roti with ghee as well as plain rice and pulao which was great. They served mini samosa as well with all this which was great with green chutney.

All in all and ok expirence as i expected better sabzis than aloo mutter and dry moong which were nothing special but Cost was pretty reasonable for a thali so can’t complain alot.

2.Sumit Jamadade :

After searching for half a day on where to go for a Sunday brunch, I finally decided on visiting Sukanta. A significant part of my decision to do so was because of price. And also haven’t we all been bored with eating meat at every other place. Based on innumerable reviews I had received from trusted foodies I finally decided to take the jump. As I reached the place, I could see at least 30 people out on the road waiting for their turn to get in. And guess what it had been open for just about half an hour. I was single as I usually am!! 🙁  Sometimes it helps to be single.

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I got a straight entry with no hassle. There is a downside to being single as well. It is only when I had food on my table that I looked up and saw “Only cash no card” sign. I panicked!! Then I called in the person who was serving my table and expressed him my concern. He calmed me and said it is possible to go out and get cash from ATM after I finished my meal. I was floored by his calmness. I told him that he can have my identity card till the time I return from ATM. Food wise, there is not much new to say. But since my hope is in giving a rational review, I would have to say that it is a strong 4/5. I loved the paneer gravy and the desserts the most. At the end of the meal I had a full tummy and a broad smile as I walked out into the afternoon sun.

3.Puja Jaybhay :

This is my favorite vegetarian thaali outlet in Pune. The place is tucked away under the Z-bridge and isn’t easy to find in the first go. But once you do, you’ll be shocked at how many people are there waiting to grab a seat. They have to place chairs outside, which are all occupied, with people standing in the area as well as across the road in their groups waiting for their name to be announced on the microphone. Yes, that crowded. And this is despite the seating area being huge. Thankfully, I only take takeaways from this place so I don’t have to wait for a long time. They were nice enough to even serve me the drink while I waited(not a part of the parcel). The order came in 15 minutes and was worth Rs. 500.

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In this, there are 4 delicious sabjis with good quantity, 2 sweets, 2 farsaans, puris, fulkas, small bhakaris, plain rice and dal, another variation of rice, Kadhi and they also give a mouth freshener.
The fulkas are small but enough for 3 people. The sabjis are absolutely delicious and you can even replace one for another if you do not like any. All in all, the thaali is perfect and I’ve had no problem in all the times that I’ve got this thaali. Has beautiful variations of rabadi, good dahi chaat and basically everything is damn tasty. A parcel thaali can be filling for 4 people easily.

4.Kedar Kokil :

The Pune food scene is deeply influenced by the fact that everyone wants to be out on the weekends.  Despite this urge, not many are interested in munching on fast food or experimenting with cuisines they are not familiar with and it is at times like these that local haunts like Sukanta attracts people from various walks of life. Being in Pune for almost 6 years, I have been to Sukanta only twice.. Tch tch tch.. Shame on me.. So a few weeks ago, we finally decided to visit this place again.. Mostly cause my roomie was dreaming of the Sitaphal Rabdi served here which truly is delicious..

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As expected, when we arrived there, the restaurant was no where in sight owing to the 50,000 or so people standing in queue in front of us [don’t take my numbers seriously all the time]. It was a minimal of 40 minutes before we finally got in and even before our asses took their position comfortably on the chair we were bombarded with food.. Now getting into everything that was served essentially ruins the entire mirage which exists in Sukanta. It’s a delight watching the servers move about quickly replenishing food in each plate, while simultaneously signaling to each other if something is about to get over.

A once in a while visit to this place sure does leave to bursting through my sides, though my one advice to everyone is to stay hungry for atleast half a day to truly unleash your eating potential.