Air Conditioners: Up to Rs 12,000 off + additional offers

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It’s a common belief that ceiling fans should not be used along with Air Conditioners. The reasoning given is that ceiling fans push the hot air down thus increasing the load on the air conditioners. Which to a certain extent is not wrong but what people forget is that the ceiling fans can create a breeze that makes people in the room feel cooler and more comfortable. With a ceiling fan running, you can raise the thermostat of the Air Conditioner by 2 to 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort. Increasing the temperature on the air conditioner can reduce your electricity bills significantly.

If your are someone who is worried about high electricity bills due to air conditioners, ceiling fans can be great electricity savers for you. Ceiling fans circulate the air inside the room instead of getting outside air inside the room or pushing internal air outside. They blow air downwards and remove any hot air around the objects below it. A ceiling fan does not cool the air but just moves the air around you that helps evaporation from the skin and makes you feel cool.

Air Conditioners: Up to Rs 12,000 off + additional offers

Kenstar KSZ55.WS1-MDA Split AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White,Aluminium)

Amazon Price : 25,490

Gidindia Price : 19,999

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From the Manufacturer

#Silver ion filter is a highly efficient sterilising ion filter that kills more than 95%-99% bacteria and prevents them from growing again.

Night glow buttons on remote controller help buttons glow in the dark which make it easy to see them in the dark.

It is usually used in the rainy days or damp area. By operating dehumidification mode, the room can achieve comfortable humidity level for the user without reducing room temperature.

Turbo cool mode is used to reduce the temperature of your room at the highest possible rate by operating at highest fan speed.

Auto Air Swing ensures uniform cooling by swing the louvers up and down.

Other Features

Sleep Mode

In Sleep Mode, the room temperature increases automatically by 1°C every hour for the first 2 hours. This has 2 advantages:

1. As a person goes into deep sleep, his metabolism also slows down, thereby reducing discomfort due to high temp. The increase in set temperature compensates for reduced metabolism of the person, leading to comfortable sleep.

2. As set temperature is increased, the working load of AC is reduced, leading to power savings.

Auto Restart:

In the event of a power failure, the special chip memorizes the settings like set temp, fan speed etc. and when power is restored, the unit will restart with the same settings.

ON/OFF Timer:

This function can be set for 12 hours with intervals with which the unit can be shut OFF and restarted at the predetermined time as required.

AC gets ON/OFF automatically at the set time for convenience.

Auto Clean:

After long periods of no usage, if the AC is switched on, it generally emits foul odours due to growth of mould & bacteria on the evaporator.

The occurrence of these odours can be highly reduced by #the “Auto-Clean” function. In this function, the blower motor keeps running for 10 minutes even after the unit is switched OFF. This removes the condensed water on the Evaporator, and avoids formation of mould/bacteria.

As an added advantage, a clean evaporator with any blockage can function more efficiently, increasing the efficiency of the overall AC unit.

Variable Speed Setting

Variable speed of the fan motor allows you to choose a comfortable cool air flow as per convenience.

Louver Step Adjust:

Louvers are set to distribute air in a fixed angle or swing between any desired angles suitable for customer convenience.

Blue Fin Evaporator:

Hydrophilic Blue Fin evaporator in the indoor unit helps in setting the indoor unit free from water contaminants, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Anti-Bacteria Filter:

The Anti-Bacterial Filter is a specially designed filter that helps reduce the spread of infections and diseases through air. It removes more than 95% of E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus that cause boils, infections and diarrhoeal diseases. It also collects dust, limits the metabolism and growth of bacteria and sterilises the air.

Voltas SAC 175IY Split AC (1.4 Ton, 5 Star Rating, Silver/Black,Aluminium)

Amazon Price : 30,990
Gidindia Price : 25,990

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Product description

Sleep Mode gives you a comfortable nights sleep;  Swing function ensures ample distribution around the room; LCD Remote for ease of operation; Lock Button;

From the Manufacturer

3D Flow

The unique 3D airflow enables both vertical and horizontal movement of the swing louvers for quick uniform cooling, thereby ensuring there are no hot pockets in the room.

45 dBA Silence

The unique cross flow vane enables whisper-quiet operation, enabling the highest level of comfort.

Triple Protection Filter

Unique set of filters that kills harmful bacteria, eliminates dust, smoke and pollen particles, thereby giving clean and fresh air.

Turbo Mode

The turbo mode instantly cools down the room in the shortest time by automatically increasing the airflow to the maximum level.

Dual Display

The unique dual display indicates both the set temperature as well as the room temperature, thereby enabling operating convenience from the user.

Lock Button

The lock button prevents misuse of the AC. It locks all current settings other than the lock. The lock button needs to be pressed again to unlock.

Glow Light Buttons

Remote control buttons glow in the dark, for ease of operation.

Self Diagnosis

The microprocessor in the AC auto diagnosis for any abnormal functions and failures after a fixed interval of time and automatically resets itself. In case of any error it automatically switches off the compressor and other electrical motors for safety and protection. An error or protection code automatically gets displayed on the indoor unit.

More Comfort

It’s intsta cool compressor instantly cools in extreme summer and its active dehumidifier brings down the humidity level.

Star Rating 5 Stars Compressor Type High EER Rotary
Rated Cooling Capacity 4960 W Refrigerant Gas R-22
Rated Current – Cooling 6.3 Amps Indoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD) 990 x 315 x 242 mm
Rated Power Input – Cooling 1413 Watt Indoor Unit Net / Gross Weight 13.50/16.50 Kg
Rated EER 3.51 W/W Outdoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD) 840x540x300 mm
Power Supply 230 / 50 / 1 Phase V/Hz/Ph Outdoor Unit Net / Gross Weight 35/40 Kg
Air Flow Volume – Indoor 850 CMH Connecting Pipe Cu-Cu(1/2″& 1/4″) Type
*Noise Level – Indoor ≤45 dB(A) Connecting Pipe Length & Connecting Cable 3.5 Metre
Operation LCD Remote
Filter IDU
Anti Dust/Active Carbon/Nano Silver/Catechin Filter Yes LED Display/Self Diagnosis Yes
Acaro Bacterium (Red)/Silver Ion/Copper tubes – Inner Grooved Yes Anti Fungal/Auto Restart Yes
Fin -Hydrophylic Aluminium Blue
Sleep Mode, Turbo, Swing, LCD Remote, Lock, Timer Yes
Glow Buttons Yes
Dual Temp. Display Yes
Air Vent – Cross Flow Yes

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White  (185JY)

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

Design & Capacity

This elegantly designed AC cools a medium sized room efficiently as it comes with a 1.5-ton capacity. Equipped with inner grooved copper tubes and blue hydrophylic aluminum fins, this AC can easily resist corrosion. The unit comes with an LED display which makes it easy to use.

LED Display


You can now save more on your electricity bills as this AC is 5-Star Rated. Experience consistent cooling across the entire room by the Cross Flow air vent.

5 Star Rating
Cross Flow Air Vent
Healthy Air

The Anti-Dust, Active Carbon, Nano Silver, Catechin Filter, Acaro Bacterium (Red), and Silver Ion filters help purify the air from dust and pathogens.

Anti Dust Filter
Silver Ion Filter
Convenience Features

Vary settings of this #AC easily using the LCD remote.

LCD Remote with Glow Buttons
Sleep Mode
Turbo Mode
Hassle Free

The Self Diagnosis, Auto Restart features make maintenance a snap.

Self Diagnosis
Auto Restart

This AC requires 1430 W of power.

1430 W
  • In the Box
    • 1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor Unit, Remote Control, Connecting Pipes, User Manual, Warranty Card
  • Brand
    • Voltas
  • Model Name
    • 185JY
  • Type
    • Split
  • Capacity in Tons
    • 1.5 Ton
  • Star Rating
    • 5
  • Color
    • White
  • Series
    • Y Series
  • Cooling Capacity
    • 5050 W
  • Compressor
    • Rotary
  • Dehumidification
    • Yes
  • Remote Control
    • Yes
  • Indoor W x H x D
    • 99 cm x 31.5 cm x 24.2 cm
  • Indoor Unit Weight
    • 13.5 kg
  • Outdoor W x H x D
    • 84 cm x 54 cm x 30 cm
  • Outdoor Unit Weight
    • 35 kg
Performance Features
  • Panel Display
    • LED
  • Indoor Temperature Indicator
    • Yes
  • Turbo Mode
    • Yes
Body And Design Features
  • Other Body and Design Features
    • Blue Hydrophilic Aluminium Fin
Air Flow & Filter Features
  • Auto Air Swing
    • Yes
  • Other Air Flow Features
    • Air Vent: Cross Flow
  • Anti-bacteria Filter
    • Yes
  • Dust Filter
    • Yes
  • Active Carbon Filter
    • Yes
  • Other Filter Features
    • Acaro Bacterium (Red), Catechin Filter, Nano Silver Filter, Silver Ion Filter
Convenience Features
  • Auto Restart
    • Yes
  • Sleep Mode
    • Yes
  • Self Diagnosis
    • Yes
  • Other Convenience Features
    • Dual Temperature Display
  • Additional Features
    • Lock
    • Inner Grooved Copper Tube
    • Fungus Proof
Power Features
  • Power Requirement
    • AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption
    • 1430 W
Remote Control Features
  • Night Glow Buttons on Remote
    • Yes
  • Other Remote Control Features
    • LCD Remote
  • Installation Details
    • Installation of Air-conditioner is charged extra to customer at the time of installation and needs to be paid directly to the service engineer. After the product is delivered through our delivery partners, we’ll facilitate the installation of AC through authorized service engineer at your convenience. Installation TAT will be 2 to 5 business days depending on the location. Standard Installation rate charged for Rs. 1499 (inclusive of taxes). Standard Installation of AC covers only a) Copper Pipe with Sleeve – 3Mtr, b) POWER CABLE 3 Core – 3Mtr, c) ODU Stand Bush s – 4Nos (Excluding Stand), d) Remote – 1Nos, e) Remote Batteries and Holding Cap, f) VINYL TAPE-ROLL – 50MM 10Mtr. Not covered in installation- i. Out Door Unit Stand – Rs. 750. ii. Extra copper wire if any (per meter cost)- a) COPPER PIPE 1/2 INCH – Rs. 325, b) COPPER PIPE 1/4 INCH – Rs. 150, c) COPPER PIPE 3/8 INCH – Rs. 250, d) COPPER PIPE 1/2 INCH – Rs. 725. iii. Drain Pipe extension if any. (per meter cost) – Rs. 125. iv. Wiring extension from Meter to site, (per meter cost) � Rs.86. v. Stabilizer required for the installation if available with the technician will be chargeable extra. vi. Plumbing and Masonry Work. Power point/MCB fitting and any other electrical work, Carpentry work. Dismantling/Shifting of Old AC’s Masonry, Core Cutting Fabrication and Electrical.

  • Other Included Services
    • Two Free Services of AC within Warranty Period on Demand
  • Warranty Summary
    • 1 Year for Product & 5 Years for Compressor
  • Covered in Warranty
    • All parts, excluding the grill & plastic parts. The warranty covers defective materials and workmanship from the date of purchase.

  • Not Covered in Warranty
    • Parts: Air Filter/Front grill is not covered in the warranty. The warranty does not cover Installation/Demonstration. Accessories external to the system. The product is not used according to the instructions given in the instruction manual. Defects caused

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC White

Flipkart Price : 30,990

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